Campaigns and Ongoing Programs
Targeting Youth

Grow Strong KC

Grow Strong KC is a life resource for teens that includes resources, tools, and information to help prevent youth substance use and improve their coping skills.

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• Instagram: growstrongkc

• Snapchat: growstrongkc

• TikTok: growstrongkc

• Tumblr: growstrongkc

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Encourage Hope & Help

Encourage Hope and Help is a suicide prevention resource for youth (ages 10-24), parents, educators, the LGBTQIA+ community, attempt survivors, loss survivors, veterans, and community members in the Kansas City area. Through presentation, information dissemination, and skill building, we aim to end teen suicide.

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• Facebook: encouragehopeandhelp

• Instagram: encouragehopehelp

• Twitter: encghopehelp

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How Full Is Your Cup?

A student-to-student campaign for middle and high school students focusing on the effects of stress and the positive impact of healthy coping skills. Youth are encouraged to talk about and seek help from trusted adults for their stressors and build skills and knowledge to better care for themselves.

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This Is Quitting

In response to the vaping epidemic, Tri-County and our prevention network have partnered with The Truth Initiative to provide This is Quitting, a free text message quit program for teens who want support to quit vaping. Youth and young adults can access the KC Northland program by texting ”BREAKFREE” to 88709.

• This Is Quitting Media Toolkit PDF Document

Other Information Campaigns and PSAs

Multiple education campaigns geared at reducing underage drinking, nicotine use, marijuana use, and prescription drug misuse are promoted throughout the three-county area throughout the year. The goal/purpose of the campaigns are to educate the general public about these important topics and encourage action or change in behavior. Throughout the campaigns the community is saturated with messages on billboards, radio/online music streaming, social media, newspaper ads, banners and mailings.

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