Campaigns and Programs for Adults

Parent Up

Parent Up is a messaging campaign coordinated by Tri-County Mental Health Services, Inc. and Northland prevention coalitions that empowers and equips KC Northland parents to care, connect, communicate, and pay careful attention to their child in order to prevent teen substance use.

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• Facebook: @ParentUp

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• Parent Up Campaign Flyer PDF Document

Roots of Resilience

Roots of Resilience works to educate the general adult community about the impact of protective factors that combat toxic stress and its link to substance use. Through a messaging campaign, training, and small group study, our coalitions use Roots of Resilience to mobilize adults to build resilience in all youth and buffer the impact of toxic stress through the themes of: Making Connections, Modeling and Teaching Self-care and Challenging Growth. The Roots of Resilience Action Guide small group study is available through our website. Print and media materials include mailers, newspaper/program ads, banners, posters, Radio Ads, Billboards, Short video ad.

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• Facebook: @RootsOfResilienceKC

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• Roots of Resilience Campaign Flyer PDF Document

• Roots of Resilience Action Guide Flyer PDF Document

Meaningful Meals

Kids who have meals with their family on a regular basis are less likely to engage in risky behaviors, including substance use. The Meaningful Meals campaign resources help spread this hopeful message and build the feasibility for families to have more meaningful meals. Presentation and informational materials are available and include informational postcards, handouts, conversation cards, and an Unplugged box activity.

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• Meaningful Meals Campaign Flyer PDF Document

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