Dealing with the Pandemic as a New or Expectant Parent

Expectant parents and parents of newborns are experiencing unique challenges during this pandemic.  Expectant parents are dealing with many changes that may give them a completely different pregnancy experience than they could have dreamed of. Even the nature of delivering a baby has changed since many hospitals only allow one support person to attend the [...]

July 15th, 2021|

Tri-County service updates related to COVID-19

Tri-County Mental Health Services maintains its support of our communities’ behavioral health needs. The majority of our services continue to be delivered virtually (via phone or telehealth) due to the COVID-19 health crisis, although some in-person services are available by appointment.  The health and safety of clients and staff continues to be our highest priority. [...]

April 15th, 2021|

Fentanyl Fact Sheet

What is Fentanyl? Fentanyl is a potent synthetic opioid drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use as an analgesic (pain relief) and anesthetic. It is approximately 100 times more potent than morphine and 50 times more potent than heroin as an analgesic. How is it abused? Injected, snorted/sniffed, smoked, taken orally by [...]

April 13th, 2021|
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