How the RAIN technique can help you

The pandemic has brought many uncertainties and difficult emotions into the lives of many. Do you have a way of coping with difficult feelings in the moment? The RAIN technique was developed by senior Buddhist teacher Michelle McDonald. Use this tool when you’re feeling overwhelmed by challenging circumstances and feelings. R- Stands for “Recognize.” Recognize what’s happening in the moment, [...]

Healthy Coping and Smoking Cessation

In a pandemic, where almost everything changed, individuals are reevaluating their coping skills - some of which are healthier than others. For some, coping skills that have worked in the past are no longer helpful. Others turn to their coping skills more than ever just to get through the day. If smoking is one of your coping skills, and you’re [...]

Screen Time and Your Kids

Should you be worried about your kids having more screen time during the pandemic and with virtual learning? With pandemic learning, online school, and hybrid school models in full swing, screen time has increased for adults and kids alike. Like any good parent, you may worry about just how much time your child is spending online. Check out this video [...]

Humor is a good escape from the realities of the pandemic

Can you think of the last time you had a good laugh? We have all been stuck inside for quite some time, and it can be challenging to get through the day, especially if you are an older adult or caregiver. Humor is a simple tool we can use to help us get through this pandemic period. The world looks [...]

Getting good sleep is important during a pandemic

We are all experiencing a pandemic (also known as a disaster) together, and it is very common for sleep habits to change or get interrupted during this time. If you’re not able to sleep or you feel like you need more sleep, you’re not alone. Getting good sleep is one of the most important things we can do to deal [...]

Help for healthcare workers during the pandemic

To all healthcare professionals and those working in senior living: How are you coping with grief during this pandemic? Right now during COVID-19, we are facing a greater amount of loss than we have in a long time. As healthcare professionals, it can be easy to put our blinders on to the grief around us so we can keep working [...]

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